Brecon Day Four

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The children are currently packing their bags at the end of yet another fun-filled day. Our final day of activities in Brecon saw two groups doing caving and the waterfall walk, while the third paddled canoes along the canal (and squeezed in some dam building in a stream and operated a lock!).

Once again, the children have shown great resilience and determination, challenging themselves to learn new skills, while having a fantastic time and a lot of laughs.

We’ll all be sorry to leave the Hampshire Mountain Centre and the Brecon Beacons, but we’re looking forward to seeing our families again. There will be a lot of amazing stories to tell!

Brecon Day Three

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It has been another packed day, with each group undertaking a different challenge. One group headed up Fan Frynach where they combined mountain walking with roped climbing. The other mountain group reached the summits of not one, but two mountains (Cribyn and Fan y Big), while the third group (who had done their mountain walk yesterday) went canoeing.

All the instructors have been so impressed with the children’s stamina and willingness and enthusiasm in the face of these new challenges.

As if all this wasn’t exciting enough, we all celebrated Zak’s birthday and enjoyed a lovely chocolate cake!

This evening’s activity is orienteering and then it will be hot chocolate and off to bed for a well earned sleep!

Brecon Day Two

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Despite a full day of activities, the children are currently outside (8pm) doing team building activities! Today one group canoed along the local canal, another group went caving and walked to a beautiful waterfall, while the third undertook a massive hike up to the summit of Pen y Fan (the tallest peak in southern Britain).

Everyone is having a fantastic time. Think they’ll sleep well tonight!

An Audio guide to the History of the New Forest

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As part of their topic “Earth’s Secret’s”, Red Class have worked hard to research and write about how the New Forest has been used during different time periods in history. The children have looked as far back in time as the Bronze Age and have put together a class audio guide for visitors to the New Forest.

We hope you enjoy listening to our audio guide.

Audio Guide for the New Forest

Eye Witness statements

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The children in Mrs Dew’s Literacy Class have been in role as eye-witnesses to a fictitious crime. They have thought carefully about how to write an accurate account and have worked hard to develop their use of grammar, sentence structures and word choices.

Here are some eye-witness statements for you to listen to

Eye Witness 1

Eye Witness 2

Eye Witness 3

Eye witness 4

Eye witness 5

Eye witness 6

Eye witness 7

Eye witness 8



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Tuesday 8th September – Update

We have had another fun packed day today. The children are having an amazing time and are doing the school proud with their excellent attitude. Our day involved ‘Awesome Aquatic Adventures’ – where the children enjoyed pond dipping and examining their findings under the microscope. They were lucky enough to find dragonfly nymphs, Water Boatmen and shrimps.

They have also been very busy ‘Muckmovers’, which involved lots of hard work with wheelbarrows and spades. We made lots of compost and learned about lots of different plants.

We also enjoyed manipulating clay and making models from the locally sourced clay.

We are just heading out for our evening bonfire which we are really looking forward to!!

Tuesday 8th September

We have all had a fantastic nights sleep. Our teachers were extremely proud. We have had a delicious breakfast and made our own lunch. We are now raring to go!!

Minstead 7th-9th September 2015

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Monday 7th September

Blue sky, warm sun, trickling streams, donkeys, cows, ponies, prickly bushes, squelchy bogs, mud and poo! Oh and 35 children! Red class have had a fantastic first day at Minstead!

After arriving and unpacking, we headed straight out into the forest for a fun-filled forest walk.  The first exciting event was ditch-walking, where some of the children were lucky enough to spot a beautiful grass snake!


The children enjoyed sploshing in puddles and getting stuck in the mud; they also fed stones to the troll under the bridge!


The children enjoyed the beautiful views of the forest and were brave enough to tread the bog bare footed!


The children have all collected an ‘earth stone’ and have been given names of the forest which they are wearing as a necklace.  The children have begun to learn about the great variety of animals and creatures that live in the new forest and so have earnt their first bead; the ‘biodiversity’ bead.


Will the children sleep well after this tiring adventure? …


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Tuesday 7th July 2015


Dear Diary,

It was sad to see our lovely painted lady butterflies go. It was quite funny when it was drinking the sugar water from Katie and Emma’s hands. Katie, Liam, Emma, James P and Rachael were very lucky because they got to hold a butterfly. One of the butterflies didn’t want to leave, we tried everything to get them off but finally Rachael got it to crawl onto a flower. We hope our butterflies enjoy spreading their wings and we will be looking to spot them flying around.         

By Red Class